Minecraft glass dome map download

Minecraft glass dome map

This is a template dome for you to use without giving credit not like I did much and make your own Hunger Games map Not much else to say Hope you find it. Check the update logs for more info on The Dome update. may break any blocks and place any blocks you want except for the glass border (refer to rule 1). This New Survival Map Is Called Glass Dome Survival Because Well You Live In A Glass Dome! Rules: No Breaking The Glass! Easy Mode.

An interesting hunger games map for 8 people placed in a xx glass dome. You Start of in what looks like a Taiga biome and then it turns out to be A Giant Glass Dome! a chest has supplies to survive so try the map and don't leave the. The Tree Dome has been updated! This is the version I wanted to upload originally. I have refined the sculpture and details and added features from the

How to Make a Glass Dome on Minecraft: Warning: This set of instructions is intended for intermediate It a very useful tool for Minecrafters that make maps. I got some amazing ideas for a mcsg map, but my only problem is actually getting a glass dome thats blocks radius. I would really be happy. This map was inspired by Skyblock and Oceanblock Survival. This map makes you spawn in a glass dome under water. The water's surface is.