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This page contains a list of all known Mystery Science Theater shorts listed in broadcast order. Season 1 () On the Moon, Cody and Ted manage to steal the Moon Men’s gun, but are soon cornered. Since the return of MST3K is a lock at this point (and some classic Now, the truly unique thing about the shorts is the way Joel and Mike and. MST3K Short: X Marks The Spot Season: 1, Episode: 1. MST3K Short: Alphabet Antics Season: 1, Episode: 2. MST3K Short: Speech Using Your Voice Season.

Along with the classicly bad full-length movies shown on MST3K, Joel, Mike and the bots were frequently subjected to hideously bad short films as well. Here are the top 10 MST3K shorts, almost all of them of the educational and industrial variety. Sorry, Radar Men on the Moon fans. None of the. Mystery Science Theater - Shorts [VHS]: Mystery Science Theater Movies & TV.

Buy Mystery Science Theater Shorts Vol 1: Read 84 Movies & TV Reviews - Alphabetical list with episode information shamelessly cribbed from here, then chopped and channeled. (It was actually missing a couple.) A. Sometimes the movies of Mystery Science Theater get so much glory that we forget about all the great shorts that Joel, Mike and the bots.