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Visual dialplan

Visual Dialplan, an Asterisk GUI, is the fastest way to build Asterisk dial plan. Visual Dialplan Professional is revolutionary visual modeling platform that enables Asterisk users to create, maintain and deploy dial plan in an easy, fast, convenient and natural way. Visual Dialplan comes with bundled Apstel Integration Server that enables access to all major. Visual Dialplan supports FreePBX (Elastix, trixbox, PIAF AsteriskNOW with FreePBX GUI etc.). You can simply create extensions, voicemail boxes and trunks.

Visual Dialplan for Asterisk is modern rapid application development platform for Asterisk dial plan development. It comes with drag-and-drop visual modeling. Combined dialplan and FastAGI services with a visual dialplan constructor for Asterisk PBX - dmitriyborisenko/Astergazer. Visual Dialplan for Asterisk. VisualPBX Is complete software PBX, packed with all the 'plumbing', and ready to be installed and used. It comes as an ISO image.

Would anyone else be interested in having the ability to design dialplan using visual aids, where inbound routes, time conditions, and hunt lists. Visual Dialplan Professional, intended for advanced Asterisk users, consultants and Asterisk professionals, is innovative visual modeling platform that provides.